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INES VITA paints her own entangled world with

her music and lyrics and invites the listener to

dive into it. If you listen carefully, you can

find a piece of yourself in the deep sea of


In the labyrinth of a thousand possibilities, the

artist takes you by the hand and leads you to

safe shore. She accompanies you on the search

for meaning, behind the striving for the things

we believe we want to achieve.

A cup of urgency, a pinch of longing and a

big sip of melancholy- that's INES VITA.

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"Die faszinierende Stimme von Ines Vita nahm ebenfalls den Raum ein aber auf eine ganz andere Art und Weise. Man fand sich wieder in einer Trance aus sphärischen Klängen und Stimmen." - Marc Wermelinger 

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Ines Vita Amstad | Vocals & Compositions

Patrcia Moos | Backing Vocals

Pascal Dittli | Piano & Backing Vocals

Elia Aregger | Guitar

Luzi Niederhauser | Bass

Luca Görg | Drums


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