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Tour Management

Because of the love of being on the road with nice people and great music, as well as being a good organiser and handling details well, the position of tour manager is quite obvious for a job choice.

A good friend and fellow musician has also recognized this and asked Ines to take over this position for her band «To Athena». With this project, she could grow in this task and pursues this career with much passion. In her internship at Orange Peel Agency she now also learns what it means to do the pre- and postproduction of a tour and can combine this with the knowledge of being a musician to make life easier for bands on tour or concerts.

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"Mit Ines im Tourgepäck kann wirklich nichts schief gehen. Als Tourmanagerin ist sie für uns als 10-Köpfige Band unentgeltlich. Und wer sie einmal in action gesehen hat, weiss auch warum man ihre Professionalität gekoppelt mit  Humor und Zuverlässigkeit, auf Tour nicht missen möchte!" - To Athena

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